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The Aloha Boombox enables you to take the Echo Dot 3rd Generation and/or Google Assistant outside of your home! Drop your existing Echo Dot 3rd Gen or Google Home Mini in the Aloha Boombox and take them with you to the beach, golfing, camping or hiking. The possibilities are endless now!


Stop worrying about poor bluetooth connectivty, bad battery life or damaging/ loosing your smartphone!



- Aloha Boombox Carrying Case for Portability, Protection & Sound Amplification

- Instructions and Troubleshooting Help


Not included:

- 1 Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini

- 1 Portable Battery Base



*The Echo Dot 3rd Gens and portable battery packs can easily be found on Amazon if you don't already own one. The Google Home Mini can be found online and at a local Target or Best-Buy.*

The Aloha Boombox (Black)

Have your Boombox this Holiday Season in November, 2024!
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