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LTE Wireless Internet Connectivity
(Hotspot for up to 4 Devices)

Hollow Accoustic Center

The Aloha Kinnekt

Standalone, Untethered, Smart Speakers that don’t rely on smartphones, cars or homes.

Revolutionizing the abilities to take your favorite Portable Voice Assistants

anywhere with Wireless Connectivity! A built in battery and internet

connection allow you to be free & go be. Control all of your

favorite devices, with Alexa or Google Assistant!

The Aloha Kinnekt

is compatible with Amazon
Echo Dot 3rd Gen and
Google Home Mini

The Aloha Team was at
CES 2023 this year!


When is the last time you thought about taking Alexa or Google Assistant with you on the go?


Portable Voice Assistant 


Smart Home Control

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LTE Internet & Hotspot

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