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"Harmonizing Life, One Connection at a Time."

The Aloha Journey started in 2017 when the Founder, Srdjan, designed and built the next generation of portable smart speakers during the study of his Second Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design.


Our Story

Srdjan moved to the United States in 1997 from Bosnia and Herzegovina with his parents and brother. At an early age, he fell in love with music, technology and business. During his time at Urbandale High School, he further nurtured his skill sets through various extra-curricular activities after school. Leading him to receive a Scholarship for College!

Srdjan knew it was his opportunity to pursue his passions. While starting his Second Degree in Industrial Design, his mother became ill with a painful disability and he lost a childhood friend in a tragic motorcycle accident. It was a hard time for Srdjan, but he found the light to push through with the power of creation.

In his Electrical Engineering class, Professor Mani Mina assigned a 10 page paper about an innovative product we would like to design. So, instead of just writing the paper, Srdjan soldered and assembled a prototype of what would become the early stage of his Product Line at Aloha, Inc.

The creation of that prototype, in that class, was the staple for Srdjan's entrepreneurial journey with his new company. He was heavily inspired and motivated by his professors and various leaders. Leading him to apply and get accepted into various Entrepreneurial programs at Iowa State University.

Aloha, Inc. was just getting started. A few months after graduation, Srdjan took his team to CES 2019 where they exhibited the future of smart speakers to the world. They ranked top 1% out of more than 4,500 exhibitors. Providing for a platform to engage, maximize and grow the Brand name. Get in touch to hear more!

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